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At ASMG, our team of architects and engineers provide the best design solutions for development of our client’s infrastructure while keeping a sustainable design approach. Our Consultancy comprises of complete array of architectural and engineering design services enabling us to serve as a single point agency for your design requirements.


Our designs while being aesthetically rich also promote cost effectiveness, conservation of non-renewable resources, sustainable infrastructure development, increase reliability on power generation from renewable sources of energy and carbon footprint reduction. Energy efficient, self-sustainable design and green features provisions are USPs of our design.


  • Civil Architecture
  • Structural Consultancy
  • Structural Peer Review
  • Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Consultancy

  • Landscape Design
  • Interior & Finishing Services
  • Energy Management Consultancy
  • Green Building Rating Advisory



Project Plan

Feasibility Study and 10 year project planning comprising majorly of volume addition trend, facility plan, USPs and infrastructural zone plan, brand positioning plan, entry fee structure, market entry strategy, infrastructure plan, phase wise expansion plan, school operations planning, sports infrastructure planning, Area planning and Project Budgeting.

Conceptual Stage

Based on brand positioning plan and available budget determination of school theme, USP Zone planning, building form derivation, Preparation of Site Zoning plan and Master Plan, Building elevation options with associated Floor plans and traffic management plan, determination and finalization of green building planning, considerations, provisions and features along with cost estimates.

Plan Approval Stage

Coordination with local architects during plan submission to local authorities till sanctioning.

Tender Development Stage

Development of Tender Drawings for all packages, development of Bill of Quantities, Finalisation of specifications and technical specifications, Estimation of tentative detailed project budget and assistance in development of project schedule for clients to understand their upcoming cash flows, Preparation of Tender Document.

Procurement and Vendor Appointment Advisory

Assistance in identifying vendors and contractors, Floating of Tender, facilitating meetings with clients and guiding in technical discussions during negotiations stage, due diligence of participants, price recommendation, material recommendations, assistance in negotiations and terms of contract, assistance in award of contract and further guiding contractors on timelines and directive to ensure timely project deliverables.

Detailed Design Development

Detail development for Civil Package, Structural Design Package with structural peer review, MEP Service Design Package, Landscape Design Package, Interior Design Package. Development of Coordinated drawings for Construction on site.

Site Monitoring and Quality Tracking

Development of Project schedule and discussions with vendors/contractors on delivery and timelines, Ongoing construction monitoring, regular visits by our team on site for ensuring quality assurance and ensuring adherence to project delivery schedule, guide contractors and vendors in case of technical difficulties and challenges being faced during execution, performance assessment of contractors and vendors, gap identification if any during execution on site, gap mitigation during execution.

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