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ASMG has started its dedicated construction services for school building and campus development undertaking the responsibility to not just plan but to deliver the best quality school building set up as per project vision ensuring quality, cost effectiveness and time bound delivery.

Why should you choose ASMG for constructions?

  • Best quality material vendors and supply chain management ensuring quality and timely delivery of material on site.
  • Capability and know how to optimize requirements and get best outcome while being in line with project due to exposure of multiple schools projects.
  • Excellent quality of workmanship optimising wastage of material, time and cost.
  • Green building features within the given budget.
  • Our design and construction process along with proposed materials as USP shall be green building certification such as IGBC, GRIHA, LEED and ASMERO compliant. Clients may apply for green building certificate on our design and construction within low or no cost impact on overall project cost.
  • Project Management experience lending expertise to plan, monitor, track and ensuring quality control during execution work.
  • Reduce wastage of resources, cost and overshooting of project budget by curtailing unnecessary requirements resulting from improper planning.
  • Team of Construction managers and engineers having the required know how to deliver the best execution services on site.
  • Team of Established Architects knowing what best suits the requirements of project, clients taste and design aesthetics in line with brand positioning plan while creating the right impact for the parents.
  • Value engineering and addition services

While being in line with the vision of the project and client taste, we provide low cost building and campus development solutions. Our construction processes, know how and exposure further gives us the advantage be better prepared for on site challenges that effectively reduces wastage and helps promoters be in line with their budget to achieve best quality and low cost infrastructures. Our architecture team and project management team gives us the edge to add value to the complete development process lending uniqueness to the project.

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